Warwick Mushroom Farms LLC

Warwick is a facility of Philips Mushrooms in Maryland, USA. In 2008 they build 25 growing rooms of 906m2 (See also Bulletin nr. 10). After a successful period with good and efficient productions they decided to expand the facility once more.

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc

Monterey Mushrooms is one of the largest producers of mushrooms in the world. An international, multi-facility company, with 10 mushroom growing farms strategically located throughout America

Leo & Son LLC

Leo & Son is one of the shareholders in the compost production company Laurel Valley. The farm consists of 20 growing rooms, each measuring 8100 square feet.

Laurel Valley Farms Inc.

In early 2007, the Board of Directors of Laurel Valley took the decision to construct a tunnel complex to produce phase 2 compost.

Creekside Mushroom

In 2000 Roger Claypol and Bill Swanek decided to invest in an aerated
Phase 1 system. For them the optimal choice was aerated windrows,
which could be loaded by a mobile blender.

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