Drawer system 

Doubles your harvesting efficiency and maximizes automation

Guaranteed double harvesting efficiency, that is what you will get with our Drawer system. A tested and proven concept based on decades of experience. A revolutionary system where we split the growing into 2 stages: pinning rooms and harvesting rooms. The dedicated pinning rooms keep the focus on the job: easy filling and cleaning with a minimum of people. A proven air flow ensures optimal control. After two weeks the beds are pulled over to the harvesting room for multiple harvesting with both hands and in an ergonomic way, thanks to the innovative harvestings disc with automatic stamp cutting. 


If you want to be ready for further automation of your process, the drawer system is your ideal system. 


Drawer system highlights

  • Guaranteed double harvesting efficiency: tested and proven
  • Elimination of picker tasks like logistics and cutting
  • Pickers harvest with two hands in a open harversting area for optimal overview and communication
  • Mechanical stamp cutting for a 3-4% increase of production
  • Easy moving beds for optimal harvest selection
  • Multiple harvesting the same area
  • Developed with a focus on low maintenance 
  • Open structure makes cleaning and maintenance easy and pleasant
  • Maximum safety for picker thanks to a stable, solid picking platform with a wide cage on both sides.
  • We can make or build your farm to produce almost climate neutral
  • Camera solutions to predict growth, optimise the harvest and scan for diseases.
  • Automatic cleaning after emptying
  • Automatic watering the casing soil


Next step: harversting robot

We're working on a harvesting robot that combines the Internet of Things with artificial intelligence. As a result, less labour capacity is needed. The drawer system and solid platform
is designed and developed for this ultimate goal!


Want to know more? Contact Christiaens Group today or check out our Drawer system brochure.


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