Phase 1

The Phase 1 is the start of a good production. A good recipe and mixing are the key for a productive substrate. Christiaens Can supply it from A to Z.

Aeration system
Aeration of the compost process is required for a good aerobic process. Christiaens designs, manufacture and install state of the art  airhandling systems for a perfect control of the process. From low budget aerated floors to high sophisticated systems with recirculation of the process air. All controlled by Fancom process technology.

Odour management

Odour becomes a big topic worldwide. Therfore it is important to control the odour output of the facility. Christiaens developed solutions for this. Air from working halls and process bunkers will be extracted and guided through ammonia scrubbers and biofilters.


Mixing is crucial for a good compost. Christiaens invented the overhead filling system with a walking floor hopper. Most of the major compost producers in the world are using this proven system to achieve a good mix with the highest productivity.

Straw line
Destring strawbales and loosen the straw becomes an important step in the process which is done more and more by machines.

Christiaens designs the total building including foundations and static calculations for local outsourcing. We produce doors, doorframes and doorwagens to close the process bunkers.

Total concept
All of the above technologies are be integrated in one total concept. We design, manufacture and install total projects from the foundation till the machineries and water management. For more information you can contact Christiaens.



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