Phase 2/3

A good pasteurisation and spawnrun is very important for an optimal output of the raw materials. Setting up and building these facilities are not tolerating any mistakes. Christiaens build up many experience and know-how for making these facilities performing well. Process control, hygiene, labour and energy efficiency are very important elements in an optimal design.


Christiaens designs the total building including foundations and static calculations. The tunnels can be build out of gasconcrete or panels. We produce total buildings as well as parts of the construction to suit customers needs. We developed a new style of grid floors to reduce energy losses and to guide the filling cassette easy into the tunnel. A lot of important details are incorporated in the design. 

Airhandling system
We developed energy efficient airhandlers which are easy to clean. While the airhandlers are running 24/7 a good selection of the fan is important for reducing the power consumption. There are no driptrays anymore so cleaning of the system became very easy.

Make up units
For pre treating the air and hygiene we can install make up units for the air supply to the process units.

Christiaens builds machineries for the Phase 2/3 process which are easy to clean and achieving a high productivity.

Total concept
All of the above technologies are be integrated in one total concept. We design, manufacture and install total projects from the foundation till the machineries and water management. For more information you can contact Christiaens.


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