Tilting shelves system 

Increase your harvestings performance

How do you maximize harvest while keeping the health of your staff in mind? With this is the back of our mind, decades of experience and a global track record in the field we developed: the Tilting shelves system.
The tilting shelves can be implemented in new and existing farms. We can make or build your farm to produce almost climate neutral and automate processes wherever possible. 

This maximises your harvesting performance in an ergonomic way

  • Picking mushrooms with both hands
  • Multiple pickers per platform 
  • Ergonomic position for the picker 
  • Excellent overview to pick only the right mushrooms
  • Elimination of picker tasks, like cutting
  • Mechanical stamp cutting for 3-4% production increase
  • Easy multi-harvesting of the same area
  • Stable, solid and easily controllable platform (or hydraulic lorry)
  • Easy to operate by remote control

Want to know more? Contact Christiaens Group today or check out our Tilting shelves brochure.



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