Sumas Substrate

Recently the tunnel facility of Sumas Substrate is expanded with 4 Phase 2/3 tunnels. Currently an existing Phase 1 yard will be renovated. It will be turned into a complete indoor facility with all needed requirements for air treatment.

4 Season King

4 Season King is a company located in Abbotsford which is close to Vancouver. This project is a turn-key project with 12 growing rooms of each 856m2.

Christiaens was responsible for the design and construction of this facility.

Loveday mushrooms

Loveday mushrooms is located in Winnipeg Canada and is one of the most coldest areas where you can find mushroom production. Temperatures in the winter time go regularly below minus 40 degrees Celsius. In order of Loveday Christiaens build a 7 Phase 2/3 tunnel facility to serve the growing facility with Phase 3 compost.

Piccioni Mushrooms

The last expansion of Piccioni Mushrooms was building 6 growing rooms of 400m2. The focus of Piccioni is growing the best quality of mushrooms. Therefore a lot of focus was laid on the design of the climatisation. We are proud that Christiaens was chosen to do this expansion.

Trademark Farms Ltd

Trademark is the new company of the Champs Group. Christiaens Group was given the order for a turnkey project in 2009. The project involved 12 growing rooms each with a surface area of 756m2.


Mycelco is the name of the new tunnel complex owned by the Champs Group in Canada, a group of growers that jointly market their mushrooms and produce compost.

Mountain View

Mountain View is a mushroom farm in British Columbia which produced and filled phase 1 compost for their growing rooms

Central Composting Ltd.

When we met representatives of Central Composting they were being
pressured by the local authorities due to environmental pollution caused by odour emission. At that time they were producing their Phase 1 compost conventionally.

Champs mushrooms

Champs mushrooms keeps expanding. After getting the order for the
Trademark mushroom farm we received an order for expansion of Mycelco. In 2011 Champs purchased the farm and composting yard of
Mountain View mushrooms in Abbottsford, Canada.


The Champag mushroom farm is a renovation project on an existing
mushroom farm. The only thing maintained was the original building. The Christiaens Group designed and delivered a complete range of new air handling systems.

All Seasons

In 2010 Christiaens received the order for a new Phase 2/3 facility for All Seasons Mushrooms in Canada. This expansion is build near one of the coldest locations in the world (-50 C).


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