The Netherlands

Maasland Champignons

Recently we started up a complete new mushroom farm for Maasland Champignons in Holland


Willems BV champignonkwekerij B.V.

Due to the limited opportunities for expansion on the existing site and with a view to establishing uniform growing rooms, Willems BV decided to extend the oldest of the existing rooms and to replace the shelving systems with identical ones to those in the most recently constructed rooms.

Walkro Blitterswijck B.V.

At the end of 2012 Walkro decided to upgrade the machines at their 2
compost facilities in the Netherlands.Because Walkro is one of the biggest compost producers in the world and therefore they use the machines a lot of hours per week.

Vogelzangs Champignons

In order to expand its production operations, the company opted to build a new farm, the aim of which was to achieve efficiency benefits through economy of scale. Four growing units were built during the first phase, each of which comprised 1728m2 production area.


Due to a rising demand and the fact that the existing installation was becoming outdated, Sikes decided to refurbish one of its existing farms, whilst at the same time increasing its production area by installing shelf systems with wider beds

Limgroup BV

Limgroup BV is a consortium of agricultural research companies which is specialised in the breeding of new plant and mushroom varieties. It’s daughter company Mycolim, established in 2009, focusses on the improvement of the commercial growth of mushrooms and the development of new button mushroom varieties.

Champignonkwekerij Cox

Champignonkwekerij Cox has been growing mushrooms for the canning
industry for several years. The farm already had 2 mushroom farms before they decided to expand with an extra farm. The decision to build 8 growing rooms of 1382 m2 each was taken in November 2006. Each room has 2 rows of shelves, 8 levels high.


CNC has been a familiar name within the Dutch mushroom industry for a number of decades. Many new developments in the sector can be traced back to CNC.

Champignonkwekerij Jacobs

In June 2004 John Jacobs finished the expansion of his mushroom farm.
The expansion consist out of expanding the growing surface of the rooms from 770m2 to 1.075m2.The bed width changed from 1,34mtr to 1,60mtr and he went from 6 beds high to 7 beds high.

CCC Donkers

Within a time frame of 6 months, a complete new farm, including a spacious sorting hall, was constructed to replace the old farm. The farm now comprises 8 units, each of which measures 1613 m2.

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