Eurochamp, Hungary

Eurochamp is a company of the Biofungi Group. The farm consists of 6 growing rooms of 562m2 growing area. The focus on this project was to design a farm with good harvesting efficiencies , best air quality and distribution possible and energy savings. All in close cooperation with Biofungi/Eurochamp. The results are there.


Mushroom growers Dofe have been cultivating mushrooms for the fresh market for some time. As the existing buildings no longer met today’s standards, construction of new premises started in the spring of 2006 at a new location.The first growing room was filled in September 2006.


Bio-Fungi is one of the leading companies in the south east of Europe. Bio-Fungi has a mushroom farm and a commercial composting yard

Bio-Fungi KFT

Bio-Fungi was producing Phase II compost in bags out of 3 tunnels of
each 180 tons of Phase I compost, together with 3 small open air
bunkers and an aerated floor.

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