Technical installation

Christiaens has a wide reputation in engineering and realisation of technical installations for mushroom growing and composting sides
Local climate and environmental requirements need an appropriate total and detailed knowledge of the industry.  Airhandling systems are key for an optimal control of the process. In combination with a good design of the central energy systems it will ensure a good operation. Focus is laid on energy efficient systems.

Local regulations require nowadays more attention. Christiaens build up a wide expertice in air scrubbing and biofiltration for reducing ammonia output and odor components.

Phase 1 Aerated floor systems
Improved and consistent compost quality is the main argument to invest in this system. We can offer the experience of many successful projects.
The Phase 1 system is processed on an aerated floor with integrated air distribution by means of PVC tubes with air-injection nozzles. Every system can be engineered for the specific requirements of the individual client or materials. All systems can meet special local environmental requirements if obliged.

Phase 2 & 3 tunnel Composting systems
Our tunnel systems are in operation all over the world. These dedicated solutions are demanding a fundamental knowledge of the processes. The Phase 2 + 3 tunnel composting systems normally are processed on concrete grid floor with gliding net and pulling net. Other floor designs with integrated air distribution are possible.

Growing rooms
Christiaens mushroom growing systems, are designed for mushroom production under all conditions. We realized not only Dutch growing systems, but also growing systems for bags and special shelf and tray systems up to 3.000 m2 growing surface per growing room!! Each system is engineered for the local circumstances, concerning climate and environment.



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